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USB plug socket can be used to power USB LED lights, you can use the USB plug socket on your computer or a USB charger or USB power socket, all sources of USB power will power a USB light.

Commercial outdoor security lighting like LED floodlights provide a lot of light at a low cost due to the LED light chips that produce a lot of light without creating heat, it's the heat that is wasted energy.

GU10 dimensions are all the same it's only the wattage of the GU10 bulb that changes, buy a LED GU10 replacement bulb and it will directly fit into a GU10 halogen bulb holder.

T8 LED tube starters are what cause the LED tubes to light up, LED tube starters are cheap to buy and much more economical to run than the old T8 fluorescent light tubes.

The difference between halogen and LED lights are that LED lights run cold and use modern light chips and halogen light bulbs run hot and use lots of power, you're have a lower energy bill with LED lights.

Outdoor solar lights can provide warm lights to decorate your garden or be used as an effective lighting source, choose from glass brick solar lights to solar fairy lights.

RGB LED 12v lights are coloured lights that run from a 12 volt electricity supply, this is not a mains voltage and so these lights can't simply be plugged into mains.

Twig lights come in decorative brown branches or white branches which look good at Christmas time, string lights, fairy lights or rice lights can all be included on the twig lights.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting uses LED bar lights mounted under the kitchen units, as well as LED bar lights you can use LED strip lights that come on a sticky tape roll and just need to be stuck under the kitchen cabinets to provide kitchen lighting.

LED lighting costs a fraction of the price of traditional lighting systems for two reasons, firstly LED bulbs last for many years longer than conventional bulbs and secondly because LED bulbs use much less energy for the same light output.