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LED dimmer switch controls are typically rated at 300 watt or 500 watt options, choose from satin white, brass or chrome dimmer switches with plastic or chrome knobs to dim the lights.

T8 LED tube starters are what cause the LED tubes to light up, LED tube starters are cheap to buy and much more economical to run than the old T8 fluorescent light tubes.

Netflix and chill has become the youth phrase for making love, before you do your Netflix and chill make sure you have a range of remote controlled LED lights where you can vary the light brightness and colour to set a romantic mood.

Mood lighting comes in many options from colour changing bulbs to SAD Seasonally Affected Disorder bulbs to make you happy if you suffer from depression, choose from spotlight, wall light or panel light options.

Do LED bulbs need a transformer, no a LED bulb can run on the mains electrical supply just like any conventional bulb, however you might have a 6 volt, 12 volt or 24 volt lighting system where the LED replacement bulbs would still need a transformer.

Flood lights that you can move around are the most popular with 30 watt slimline portable flood lights very popular, the 50 watt floodlight for example generates 4000 lm or lumen meters of light.

LED tube light installation is easy, you simply pull the old tube light out of its housing and replace with the LED tube, you can put LED tubes in as direct replacement for fluorescent tubes.

E14 LED bulbs come in a variety of bulb packages from candle bulb to golf ball and conventional teardrop bulb shapes, these bulbs have an Edison Screw fitting and are a direct replacement for halogen bulbs.

Which downlights to buy, downlights are bulbs designed to fit into a recess or hole in the ceiling, typically sized downlights us GU10 bulbs, that's a very common size for the kitchen, bathroom or study.

Energy saving light bulbs vs LED will show LED bulbs to win because LED light bulbs are in fact energy saving light bulbs, energy saving because LED lightbulbs don't produce any heat.

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